Principal’s Message

Haines City High School Students, Parents and Community Members,

I hope you enjoyed an eventful summer and you are ready for an amazing school year. A new school year provides opportunities for new beginnings, classes, and friendships as we move forward with a positive outlook for a new year. I am excited to return and serve as principal at Haines City High School, work collaboratively within all departments, and assure an impact on raising student achievement.

I am dedicated to this unique opportunity to lead a faculty that is promoting educational success at a high school on the cutting edge. I have set three primary goals that will build the foundation of our school; they are to increase student engagement, support systems, and communication.

We will increase and strengthen student engagement by utilizing every second of the day, providing opportunities for all students to explore, problem solve, seek out information and solutions. Our staff will carry out proven research-based strategies for delivering information to guarantee the learning process and application of concepts learned. We will increase the rigor of all classes while also increasing the relevance of the topics to real world situations. An urgency to start, finish and pass all courses will be installed from the beginning of school.

Physical safety has always been a major priority on campus. Now we are also focusing on the mental health and well-being in our students’ thought processes by adding additional support systems. We will increase and strengthen support systems for all students by building positive relationships, identifying students’ needs, and providing the appropriate support to create opportunities for success. Our support systems will include mentorships with faculty members, after school study groups, and the opportunity to participate in multiple school clubs and athletics.

We will increase and strengthen communication throughout our campus to assure all involved parties have a meaningful understanding of our processes, procedures and school wide goals. Small group discussion will continuously take place on campus to review, discuss and improve the way we approach increasing student achievement. This goal will also focus on the partnership that is needed between the school and community to assure we strengthen each other and provide the best possible environment for our students to live and learn.

I am honored to serve as a principal for Polk County Schools and an active team leader for Haines City Senior High School. In addition, I understand the importance and impact of a principal’s decisions and judgment. That is why, given what I know at that very moment, I will make the best decision possible, and I will continue to seek additional information to continuously improve my process.

I welcome the opportunity to lead Haines City High School and positively influence students, faculty, parents, and community members. I look forward to meeting you, discussing strategies that will advance our school and ensure high quality education for all students. If you would like to contact me, my email is and our phone number is 863-421-3281.


Adam Lane
Haines City High School