School Messenger

Dear parent/guardian,

Our telephone notification system allows us to connect with our parents and guardians by sending various school-related messages that can range from upcoming school events to emergency situations.

In order to stay connected, we need your permission to continue calling you with our SchoolMessenger system for non-emergency school situations.

To stay connected, we need you to opt-in as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you do not give us permission, we will no longer be able to use our automated voice dialing system to contact you.

You can grant your permission by visiting the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter website at and following the quick, easy steps.

To sign in or create an account, click “Sign Up” on the top right menu.

You must have an email address on file in order to participate in the opt-in process. If you have not provided an email address as part of your student’s parent information, contact the school office to update your student’s records.

You can find out more about InfoCenter by visiting

View this video for more information:

Thank you for connecting with us!

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