Mission Statement

The Mission of Haines City High School is to effectively engage students in the process of learning in order to ensure the opportunity for ALL students to graduate and become productive citizens.

Updated Student Sign Out Procedures

No Sign outs during the following times:

A Lunch: 10:45-11:13
B Lunch: 11:40-12:08
After 1:30pm

Please have your ID Ready.

Thank you.

Student ID Replacement

This is a friendly reminder that student IDs must be worn at all times at Haines City High School. A replacement ID costs $5.00 each time a student must have another one printed. This amount is added as an obligation if the student can not pay the $5.00 on that day.

Haines City Hornets

High School Curriculum Information

For information about how student learning and state standards relate to state End of Year testing, please click the link below.

Curriculum Information

Graduation Tickets

Greetings Hornet Nation Families,

Due to new procedures set in place by the RP Funding Center, ALL graduation events held at the RP Funding Center will now use a ticket system for each graduate’s guest. This is necessary to ensure the safety of our graduates and their families. To ensure a fair system for all graduates, we are asking each graduate to submit a TICKET REQUEST FORM to Mrs. Edmonston (box and office located in Student Services). The request will require a parent/guardian signature. It is important that everyone knows this is just a request and we will do our best to accommodate families’ needs. If your student does not plan on walking at graduation, please let us know so we can have those tickets available for other student’s. Also, if your graduate does not submit a signed request form by the January 31, 2019 deadline, they will be counted as needing zero (0) tickets. Once the form is submitted to HCHS no additions will be allowed. Please know this is a new procedure for all of us and it is now a reality due to the increased graduation success of our student body!

A note from the RP Funding Center:

For safety and security, all guests will walk through metal detectors. Alternatives (wands) will be available for anyone who can not walk through the metal detectors OR who set the detectors off.


We Are Hornet Nation,


Adam Lane

Principal, Haines City High School

Letter To Parents

Parent Survey

We would appreciate your feedback and/or input on our district Parent and Family Engagement Plan(PFEP).

You can review our DRAFT PFEP at the list link and then take a few minutes to complete the survey below.
Input on Polk District Parent and Family Engagement Plan


Agradeceríamos su reacción y/o comentarios sobre nuestro Plan de Compromiso Paterno y Familiar (PFEP).

Puede revisar nuestro Bosquejo del PFEP en el enlace de la lista y luego tomarse unos minutos para completar la encuesta a continuación.
Comentarios sobre el Plan de Compromiso Paterno y Familiar

2016 – 2017 School Climate Survey Results

1741 Parent Climate Results
1741 Staff Climate Results
1741 Student Climate Results
1791 Parent Climate Results
1791 Staff Climate Results
1791 Student Climate Results

School Public Accountability Report

The School Public Accountability Report is now available for review at the link below.