Mission Statement

The Mission of Haines City High School is to provide a high-quality education by forging strong communal relationships, achieving academic proficiency, and reinforcing positive behavior. Through these provisions, Haines City High School creates Hornet Nation, which is a sense of pride; a feeling of comfort and confidence; a common ground; and a connection felt between students, faculty, parents, and community members.

Student ID Replacement

This is a friendly reminder that student IDs must be worn at all times at Haines City High School. A replacement ID costs $5.00 each time a student must have another one printed. This amount is added as an obligation if the student can not pay the $5.00 on that day.

Haines City Hornets

College and Career Corner

Seniors click the link to complete the needs assessment.  Tell us what you think our college and career program needs.


Join the senior college and career remind to obtain information on college visits, financial aid, career exploration programs, scholarships, and leadership opportunities.  

Text @ucango222 to 81010

Join the junior college and career remind to obtain information on college, leadership opportunities, career exploration programs, scholarships, and much more.

Text @ucango23 to 81010

Use the link below to schedule an appointment with the college and career counselor.


Colleges:  Find Haines City High School on RepVisits.  https://counselorcommunity.com/.  We are open to virtual and in person visits.

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