Mission Statement

The Mission of Haines City High School is to provide a high-quality education by forging strong communal relationships, achieving academic proficiency, and reinforcing positive behavior. Through these provisions, Haines City High School creates Hornet Nation, which is a sense of pride; a feeling of comfort and confidence; a common ground; and a connection felt between students, faculty, parents, and community members.

Updated Student Sign Out Procedures

No Sign outs during the following times:

A Lunch: 10:39-11:04
B Lunch: 11:34-11:59
After 1:30pm

Please have your ID Ready.

Attendance Information

Student ID Replacement

This is a friendly reminder that student IDs must be worn at all times at Haines City High School. A replacement ID costs $5.00 each time a student must have another one printed. This amount is added as an obligation if the student can not pay the $5.00 on that day.

Haines City Hornets

Schedule Change Request

Complete this form to request a schedule change for first semester.

  • Your Counselor will communicate schedule changes via email.
  • Students may request a schedule change during the second full week of school (August 19-23).
  • Requests for schedule changes will be prioritized based on class availability.
  • 1 submission per student

Use your school computer/FOCUS login and password when prompted. (login@mypolkschools.net)

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a service offered to parents and guardians for accessing certain student records. The service allows parents and guardians to access information about ALL of their students through one convenient website. This eliminates the need to visit several different websites, make telephone calls or visit the school to access records and information.

Access Parent Portal Now

Got questions about your child’s school bus? Give us a call.

Polk County Public Schools is opening a call center to handle school bus inquiries and issues for the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Parents and guardians can dial 863-534-7300 for assistance from Monday, July 29 through Friday, Aug. 23. The temporary call center will be staffed on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.*

Staff will be able to provide help with all manner of transportation questions, including student bus numbers; stop times and locations; transportation eligibility; bus delays and other topics.

“Last year, we heard from parents who said that they couldn’t reach members of our transportation staff during the first several days of school. We want parents to know that we heard them loud and clear, and the creation of this call center is our response,” said Superintendent Jacqueline M. Byrd. “We are committed to continuously improving the services we provide to our students and their families.”

Please understand that bus delays are typical at the start of the school year, but will become less frequent after the first few weeks of school.

In addition to the call center, parents and guardians can access their child’s transportation information online through the Parent Portal (polkschoolsfl.com/parentportal). Schools will continue to receive transportation materials, as well.

We look forward to taking your calls and welcoming you back for another great school year!

*The call center will open at 1 p.m. on Monday, July 29 and will be closed on Friday, Aug. 2 because of the district’s summer schedule. Otherwise, it will be available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday, Aug. 23.

Freshman Palooza

High School Curriculum Information

For information about how student learning and state standards relate to state End of Year testing, please click the link below.

Curriculum Information