Polk County Public Schools – Reopening

Please be advised that Polk County Public Schools will delay the start of the 2020-21 school year at least until Aug. 24 due to the rising transmission of COVID-19 cases in the community. We continue to work closely with local health officials and if the spread of the virus remains high, we can further delay the physical reopening of our brick-and-mortar schools if necessary.

We also would like to announce that Polk County Public Schools is planning to offer three distinct learning formats for the upcoming school year and families will choose the learning format that best meets their needs.

One option is returning to campus for face-to-face instruction with various health and safety measures in place. There are also two options available where students can pursue online learning. Parents must register their children for one of these three learning options. The deadline to make a selection is July 27. You can find out more about these three learning options and complete the online registration by visiting polkschoolsfl.com/reopening.

It is very important for parents to go online and register their child for the learning option that best fits their needs. This information will be essential for our planning purposes and we need all parents to make a selection by July 27.